Enroll Now for January 2019 Programs!

Enrollment for January 2019 programs has already begun! 7 Programs being offered include 2 new offerings - ‘Preschool Tools’ and ‘Rise, Shine and Regulate’, a before-school program designed to get your child’s engine ‘just right’ for school.


Preschool Tools  January 14 - April 26 

This program is geared for 3 to 5 year-olds with their parents/caregivers to help develop self-regulation skills

Rise, Shine and Regulate  January 14 - February 18

This program is designed to get your child self-regulated before school through an early morning sensory work out.

How Does Your Engine Run?  January 14 - April 26

In this program, children learn to recognize and implement strategies for self-regulation.The children are introduced to the concepts of High Engine, Low Engine and Just Right Engine and learn the 6 ways to “fix” their engine

Superflex   January 14 - April 26

This program gives children strategies to regulate their difficult thoughts, emotions and behaviors through a fun superhero format.

Advanced Superflex  January 14 - April 26 

This program is for children that have completed the Superflex 1 program.This program allows the children to get more in depth in their identification and understanding of their behaviors (Unthinkables) and choice and implementation of strategies (Superflex powers).

Handwriting/Fine Motor Programs

These programs address handwriting, fine motor skill development, and/or executive functions for a variety of ages.

Social Thinking for Tweens & Teens

In this program, tweens and teens will learn every day vocabulary and concepts to understand thoughts, emotions, behavior as well as social skills.