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We offer programs that provide each child the opportunity for one-on-one supervision while in a small peer environment in the following areas:

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Fine Motor / Handwriting Programs

The Fine Motor/Handwriting Programs combine all the prerequisite training to enable your child to be successful!

Fine Motor / Handwriting Programs

Introductory classes and Review & Practice classes will be offered in printing and cursive while matching “ages and stages.” Fun sensorimotor activities will be interspersed with systematic teaching of proper letter formation and spacing. The classes will include the Handwriting Without Tears® curriculum. In addition, elements of the Connect-Experience Write® and Size Matters® programs will be incorporated into instruction. Writing will be reinforced using a variety of tactile mediums and movement strategies. Hand strengthening, coordination and visual motor control will be emphasized. Coloring skills at all levels is used to reinforce precision, eye-hand coordination and work on hand strength needed for graphomotor skills. Classes will be offered for 1 hour once per week. Five minutes of supervised daily practice at home is expected. Classes are limited to four children. Prescreening of skills is required, unless referred by your OT.

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How Does Your Engine Run?

This self-regulation program is based on the Alert program®. Children are introduced to the concept on high/low and just right engine and learn how to change their engine through sensory strategies. Each child develops a “tool box” of sensory tools to keep their engines running just right. Zones of Regulation terminology is also incorporated into the curriculum. This program is ideal for children 5-10 years of age.

For more information, please contact Mary Kreis.

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This program gives children cognitive and social/emotional strategies to regulate their difficult behaviors and emotions through a fun superhero format. Children learn how to identify and build on their own super heroic thinking strategies (superflex) to take on various behavioral challenges (rigid thinking, distractibility, anger, anxiety, meanness) as represented by “unthinkable” cartoon characters, such as Glassman, Rock Brain, Mean Jean and Brain Eater. This program is ideal for children 5 to 11 years of age.

An advanced super flex program is available upon completion of this program if the child/parent is interested in practicing and learning further strategies

For more information, please contact Mary Kreis.

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Preschool Social Program

This program is geared for children 3-5 years to help them develop self-regulation skills. It is based on both social thinking and How Does Your Engine Run® concepts. Children and their parents will learn a variety of sensory, cognitive and emotional tools to help them pay attention, interact with others and stay in control.

For more information, please contact Mary Kreis.

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Teen Program

This program is for junior high/high school students. The program is geared at addressing the social, emotional and sensory needs of the participants. It pulls from concepts of Social Thinking and sensory regulation. The sessions revolve around physical activities, food preparation and socializing. Outings in the community are also part of the program.

For more information, please contact Mary Kreis.

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Social / Language Program

These social skills groups target social-emotional development, self regulation, friendship, conversation skills and verbal / non-verbal pragmatic language skills in small and larger program settings. These programs allow the children to practice social skills individually, as well as with other children.

For more information, please contact Clare Kilbride.


Periodic Programs

At Kids Unlimited Therapy Services, we have many programs that we provide depending on client needs. These Periodic Programs require 3-5 children to run and include: Fussy Baby, SOS Feeding program, B4 Core (low tone and gravitational insecurity intensive), Core and More (strengthening/coordination intensive), Yoga, Superflex Play Date, Bike Riding, Shoe Tying and Before School Work Out. If you are interested in any of these programs, please contact Mary Kreis.

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